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Strikes Property & Enforcement group

Strikes Property and Enforcement Services Group

Strikes Property and enforcement Services Group

Strikes Property Services Group, Operating across England and Wales, Strikes provides property & enforcement services to law firms, private landlords, property companies, estate management companies, local authorities and large commercial businesses.


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Residential Property Services

Possession Orders
Trace Services
Tennent Referencing
Debt Recovery
Inventory & Inspections
Locksmith Services
Possession Orders
Trace Services
Section 8 Notices
Section 21 Notices
Inventory & Inspections
Locksmith Services

Commercial Property Services

Possession Orders
Temporary Fencing
Clean and Clear
Concrete Blocks & Security Solutions
Locksmith Services
Inventory & Inspections

Enforcement Services

Commercial Rent Arrears
Forfeiture of Lease
Traveller Evictions
Squatter Evictions
Equine and Animal Removal
Debt Recovery
Commercial Rent Arrears
Compulsory Purchase Orders
Protest Removals
Writs of Control
Section 146 Notices
Debt Recovery

Trace and Report Services

Basic Trace
Enhanced Trace
Employment Trace
International Trace
Pre-Litigation Reports
Process Serving
Basic Trace
Enhanced Trace
Company Credit Reporting
Company Credit Monitoring
Pre-Litigation Reports
Process Serving

About Strikes Property Services Group

Strikes Property and Enforcement Services Group stands at the forefront of property reclamation and enforcement, steadfast in our commitment to providing landlords with a fast and efficient service. We specialise in providing an extensive range of services meticulously tailored for landlords and their agents, not only delivering effective solutions but also alleviating the burden of time, resources, and effort. When landlords and businesses entrust us with their property challenges, they gain the freedom to refocus on other critical aspects of their endeavours, reassured that their issues are being handled with fairness, professionalism, and optimal efficiency.

As a family-run and owned business, our pride resonates deeply in the core of Strikes Property and Enforcement Services Group, which also encompasses Debt Recovery. We find immense fulfilment in assisting fellow landlords and businesses facing a diverse array of challenges.

100% Confidentiality

Same Day Action

80+ Years Combined Experience

Legal Backup

Free No Obligation Advice

Strikes Residential Property Services

Welcome to Strikes Residential property services, where we specialise in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to address the unique challenges associated with residential debt and eviction matters. At Strikes, we understand the complexities involved in managing residential property, and our dedicated team is committed to delivering professional, reliable, and effective services. Whether you are a landlord, letting agent or property manager, Strikes stands ready to assist you in navigating the intricacies of property management, ensuring a fair and lawful resolution. Trust Strikes to be your partner in safeguarding your residential property interests and achieving optimal outcomes.

Strikes Commercial Property Services

Introducing Strike’s Commercial Property Services – a specialised suite designed to address the nuanced challenges of commercial property services. At Strikes, we recognize the unique dynamics that businesses face in managing commercial property. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing professional, efficient, and reliable services tailored to the commercial sector. Whether you are a landlord, property manager or business entity, Strikes is here to offer strategic solutions that safeguard your interests and ensure a fair and lawful resolution. Count on Strikes as your trusted partner in property solutions, dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for your business.

Strikes Enforcement Services

Welcome to Strikes Enforcement Services, your trusted partner in comprehensive enforcement solutions. At Strikes, we bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence in addressing a spectrum of enforcement challenges. Our professional team is dedicated to safeguarding your interests, whether it’s property recovery, debt collection, or eviction services. As a reliable and law-abiding enforcement agency, we pride ourselves on acting swiftly, ethically, and efficiently to ensure the optimal resolution of your enforcement needs. With Strikes, you can trust that your concerns are in capable hands, and our team is committed to delivering results that align with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Client Testimonials

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Meet Our Expert Team

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Meet the exceptional team at Strikes, where expertise meets commitment. Our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that every challenge is met with skill and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

To instruct us please contact us ive ethe email address of fill out a form from our instruction form page and email this through to the above address.

We work on a fixed price fee structure, contact us on 01133 229555

Office hours ate 8am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Email is monitored out of office hours for emergency enquiries

Some services are payable on a pro forma and others are on a 14 day invoice contact us for further details on 0113 3229 555

You will be kept up to date on a weekly basis of your case.

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