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Writ of Possession Trespassers & Squatters

Having squatters and / or trespassers on your land or in your buildings can be a very stressful time that can lead to significant costs without swift action. Writ of possession trespassers & squatters could be what you need.

We are instructed on a regular basis to evict squatters from buildings by solicitors, managing agents, and property owners.

Having squatters inside your building can be both costly and stressful. if you already have the possession order, then Strikes can simply uplift this to the High Court, for a High Court Writ of Possession. However, if you have only just discovered the squatters then you will first need to obtain a Possession Order from the County Court – either way, having a team that knows the process, and can deal with your sistuation in a timely and professional manner is cruicial.

What We Do

Throughout the whole process, our team keep you updated, meaning you have peace of mind that things are progressing as efficiently as possible.

For further information or to instruct us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01133 229555 or via email,

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please email or call us on 01133 229555

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