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Trace and Investigations

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Trace and Investigation

Strikes Trace and Investigation services are used to locate individuals or businesses who owe money or have outstanding debts. Our services can be helpful in cases where someone has gone into hiding or changed their contact information to avoid their financial responsibilities.

We use different techniques and databases to track down your debtors.

If you’re looking for a debtor tracing service, its important to choose a reputable and reliable provider. Strikes have a proven track record of success, adhere to the legal and ethical guidelines and prioritise confidentiality.

Debtor Tracing and Recovery Service:

When instructing Strikes to Trace a debtor and collect and outstanding debt, our Tracing Service is 100% Free. We have over 90% recovery rate and collect debts with a minimum value of £600.00

Debtor Tracing and Serving of Documents:

When you instruct Strikes to Trace a Debtor and then to Serve legal documents, we offer a 100% Free Tracing Service

What We Do

Types of documents we have served

– Divorce petitions
– Eviction notices
– Applications
– Injunctions
– Non-Molestation Orders
– Bankruptcy notices
– Petitions
– Insolvency document
– Statutory demands
– Witness summons
– Claim forms


Who can hire us

Strikes provide a rapid and efficient process serving service to organisations, companies and people.

– Solicitors & Lawyers
– UK Businesses
– UK Government departments
– UK Local authorities
– Housing associations
– Debt collection agencies
– Charities (usually based in the UK)
– Private clients and individuals (Internationally)

Free Tracing Service

Strikes offer a completely free tracing service when instructed to collect outstanding debts or serve legal papers at the same time.

Please contact us to find our more.

To discuss your situation and for a FREE appraisal of your debt, call us on

0113 322 9555 or email


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