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Writ of Possession Residential

A row of brick townhouses with white trim, tall windows, and a white entryway stands proudly. There is greenery, including a tree, in front of the buildings. Some windows have potted plants on the sills; it's evident that property enforcement services take great care in maintaining this charming neighbourhood by the use of Strikes Group Residential Writ of Possession

Strikes Writ of Possession Residential

Residential Landlords can instruct us, Strikes to repossess there Residential property once an Order for Possession is obtained from the County Court.

Strikes Property Solutions Group's Residential Writ of Possession

Strikes operate High Court Enforcement Service, under the authority of our High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO), Claire Sandbrook.

Residential Landlords can instruct us to repossess there property once an Order for Possession is obtained from the County Court.

Once we have received your Order for Possession, we then uplift this to the High Court for the High Court Writ of Possession. A court fee of £71.00 is payable at this point to the High Court.

What We Do

After receiving the Writ of Possession, our agents will attend the property to serve a notice under the current legislation giving your tenant 14 days’ Notice of the impending Eviction.

On the date and time specified on this Notice, our Agents will attend the property with our locksmith to carry out the repossession, including taking photos, meter readings, overseeing the lock change, placing the notices at the property and issuing a full report.

Please note: if you are at the early stage of the process, our agents are able to serve either the required Section 8 or Section 21 Notices.

If you have an Order for Possession that you wish to instruct us on, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01133 229555 or via email,

Click the below link or tab at the top of this page, to visit our dedicated

residential eviction site, to instruct us now, please email or

call us on 01133 229555

To discuss your situation and for a FREE appraisal of your debt, call us on

0113 322 9555 or email



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