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Strikes Environmental Policy

This policy applies to all Strikes Bailiffs Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”) operations including how we engage with our clients and suppliers, who we will encourage to follow this policy. Our aim is to reduce our businesses impact on the environment wherever possible.

Strikes is a professional debt collection and enforcement solutions business covering the United Kingdom. We employ two full time staff, utilise the use of contractors and operate from two sites in Leeds and Newark.

Strikes Environmental Policy

Environmental Impacts

Strikes main environmental impacts from its business activities are in relation to:

  • Waste
  • Energy consumption at our offices
  • Business travel

Environmental Commitment

Strikes is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and to continuously improve its environmental performance through the involvement of all employees, contractors, clients and our suppliers. In recognition of this, we aim to:

  • reduce waste by preventing, re-using, and recycling all our office waste;
  • reduce the amount of energy consumed during office hours by efficiently using equipment and operating our ‘switch off when not in use’ policy;
  • reduce or carbon footprint by looking at ways of improving the environmental impact from our business travel;
  • continue to encourage our clients, suppliers and stakeholders to adopt our environmental principles; and
  • review our Environmental Policy annually.

Management Responsibility

The Directors of Strikes Bailiffs Limited, along with all employees and contractors, have a responsibility to follow this policy and comply with all relevant environmental legislation. Everyone at Strikes has an obligation to prevent pollution wherever possible.

Strikes Environmental Policy

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