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Step-by-step guide – Day of Eviction

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What You Can Expect As A Client When Instructing Strikes To Enforce A Writ Of Possession For You.

1. Getting in touch

First step to starting the process is contacting Strikes. You can call our head office on 01133 229555 Email us using Use our online contact form –

2. Eviction Notice Served

At this stage our in house enforcement agent team are dispatched to the premises of the debtor and are instructed to hand deliver the eviction notice to the debtor in person or be posted at their address with evidential footage taken for proof of posting purposes – This notice gives the tenants 14 days to remove their belongings and states the date our enforcement agents are due to return to carry out the eviction.

3. Eviction Day

Upon the eviction day, our in house enforcement agent(s) attend the property but this time with a locksmith (this can be a locksmith of your choosing however we do recommend using one of our trusted partner locksmiths for ease and guaranteed results). Strikes will arrange this for you taking away the stresses.

4. The Residential Enforcement Eviction Process Begins

All evictions are different as much depends on the tenant, for example: The tenant may have already left
the property, the tenant may be out of the area, the tenant may be inside the property and willing to cooperate or the tenant may be inside the property having no intention to co-operate.

5. Eviction of The Tenant

The Enforcement team like to be as cordial and polite, however direct if needed to be to evict the tenant from the property. If the tenant hasn’t left and/or hasn’t removed their goods we will give them an hour to gather immediate/important items i.e. medications, clothes, phones etc.

We tend to advise the Landlord to not be present on site while enforcing the eviction for
their safety and a greater chance of a peaceful transaction, however if you feel the need to
be there don’t worry, you will be in good hands with our agents.

6. Documenting and Recording

Once the tenant has left the property photographs will be taken of the property along with an electrical meter and gas meter reading if accessible and applicable. At this point if any of the previous tenants’ belongings are left behind then we will issue a Torts Notice. Any other special instructions from the landlord/client will also be seen to a this point if deemed reasonable. A Notice of Eviction is also put up at the property.

7. Completing the Eviction

Once the locks are changed and the building is secure, the keys are handed to the enforcement
agents. The Landlord will then be made aware that the job is complete and will be shown around the
property. After some minor form filling, the keys will be handed over, and our agents will leave site.

8. Removal of Goods

Either on the enforcement day or a few days later the tenant will contact Strikes or the client to
arrange for a removal of their goods. Strikes can also offer a removal service to assist which is all
overseen by our Enforcement team to ensure a smooth and straight forward process.

Please ensure to get in touch if this is an additional service of interest as this
service may incur an additional fee.

9. Relax and Breathe

This final step is where you can rest easy knowing that Strikes have taken care of everything for you from start to finish, promptly, efficiently and stress free!.

If you have any questions about our Residential Evictions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be happy to assist.

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