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Traveller evictions can be very stressful and requires expertise and a knowledge of the law to achieve results.

Traveller evictions can be very stressful and requires expertise and a knowledge of the law to achieve.

The law surrounding unauthorised encampments can be very complex, but in general, it is considered illegal to occupy land without the owner’s permission. In the UK, the law allows for landowners to take legal action to evict unauthorised encampments using procedures such employing Strikes Enforcement Services to serve Notice on the encampment, which require the occupiers to leave within a specified timeframe.

Traveller evictions refer to the process of removing unauthorised encampments of Gypsies and Travellers from private or public land

Traveller evictions can be contentious, as they often involve a clash between the rights of the landowner and the rights of Gypsies and Travellers to practice their traditional way of life. There have been calls for more authorised sites and better provision of services for Gypsies and Travellers to reduce the need for unauthorised encampments and subsequent evictions.

Strikes have been evicting travellers for years, and our team are expert negotiators and handlers when it comes to dealing with these intense and often hostile instructions.

This is why Strikes have set up a dedicated website just for this service. Please click the ‘traveller eviction’ tab at the top of this site for more information, or click here


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Types of Instructions our traveller eviction team have carried out:

Private Wholesale Business – Traveller Eviction:

Instructed by a private landlord, whom had an incursion of travellers on the car park for his electrical wholesale business. We were instructed on the Monday morning, our team attended site, served and evicted 5 caravans and vehicles within 4 hours of attendance.


Local Authority – Traveller Evictions:

We have been instructed by a UK Local Authority several times over the last few years. This is a longstanding client. Traveller Eviction numbers range from 2 caravans up to 40. We have never failed in evicting travellers for this client. A typical timescale ranges from 2 – 8 hours, dependant on numbers.


Management Agent – Traveller Evictions:

We have worked with several managing agents across the UK for several years. Sites include, retail out of town premises, industrial parks / estates, builders merchants, derelict sites, and car parks. If you are a managing Agent and have had issues with travellers or currently do, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Football Clubs – Traveller Evictions:

Over the last few years we have assisted a number of football clubs up and down the country whom have had issues with travellers encamping on their car parks. Given the high profile nature and a need for urgency due to pending games, we have always acted swiftly, whilst maintaining the clients brand through our professional nature.

Because common law allows you to instruct us without going through the courts, you could be free of your unwelcome visitors as quickly as within a few hours.

We work with two main priorities in mind: to act in accordance with UK trespassing laws at all times and to ensure that we reclaim your land as soon as possible.

To benefit from our professional and reliable traveller eviction services and highly competitive rates, please call us on 0113 322 9555 or email info@strikescs.com.

What We Do:

  • Rapid Response.

  • Nationwide coverage.

  • Immediate Evictions*.

  • Guaranteed Service.

  • Same Day Action.

  • Service of Notice to Vacate.

  • Tow Trucks.

  • Concrete Blocks.

  • Security Solutions.

  • Real time updates.

  • Cleaning Service.

  • Locksmith Service.

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Why use Strikes for traveller evictions :

Experienced team of negotiators

Certificated Enforcement Agents

Cheaper than a court order

Cleaning services available

Same Day Evictions

Highly competitive prices

Complete legal compliance

Friendly no obligation advice