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Forfeiture step-by-step guide

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What you can expect as a client when instructing Strikes to enforce a Repossession Order for you.

Step 1 – First you just need to get in touch with Strikes and provide us with a Repossession Order, as much information about the property e.g picture of the property, opening times, if its still trading, is it being used as a place to sleep, does it have an alarm system.

Step 2 – The client will be issued a date and time of when the job will be enforced usually the enforcement team and locksmith aim to be as early as possible to avoid any confrontation or suspicion from the public.

Step 3 – On the Day of enforcement, we would usually send in two Enforcement Agents depending on the difficulty of the job as well as a qualified locksmith.
Once the main point of entrance has been located the locksmith will get straight to work while the Enforcement stand watch in case of any confrontation. Usually, this process goes smoothly but you never know.

Step 4 – Once inside the Enforcement Agents will look around to see if the property is vacant and if so, they will begin to put up notices around the most visible areas of the property. They will also locate all points of entry to the property which will be relayed to the locksmith.

Step 6 – The inside of the property will all be photographed and any additional instructions from the client will be fulfilled to the best of our ability. Body cam footage will also be worn for as much cover as possible.

Step 7 – Dependent on the Landlord/Client, they will instruct us to issue a Torts Notice along with the Repossession Notice this will provide the tenant information on how to recover their goods that were inside the property on the day of repossession. One final sweep will be made by the Enforcement team to double check there are no other entry points and that the building is no longer accessible to the tenant if they try to re-enter.

Step 8 – The keys will then be handed over by the locksmith to the Enforcement team and then dependent on the client there are a few options e.g. key drop off, postage, or we will keep hold in case you feel the tenant will need to gain entry to retrieve their goods.

Step 9 – Strikes can offer another service in this process to supervise removal of goods to ensure a smooth and safe removal. We recommend this as many of times the Landlord has done this off their own back and faced a lot of confrontation and trouble as well as many threats.

If you have any questions about our Forfeitures, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be happy to discuss.

Download this as a handy guide.

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