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Does Here are answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently.  If there is anything else you would like more information on please email chris@strikescs.com

What age and size of debts do you recover?

How long does the process usual take?We will recover debts as old as up to 6 years, and the size of debt we take on is from £100.00 Much depends on the type of debt and the situation.

What is the average size of debt you collect?
In 2017 the average size of debt was £4,550.00. The smallest being just a few hundred pounds and the larges being £178k
What information do you need to start the process?
All we need form a client, is our debt Recoevry Instruction form filling out, signing and returning, plus your TOB and also copy invoices. It is always worth sending any relevant communication you have had with the debtor i.e false promises to pay, possible defences, etc. Remember in this industry information is power!
How long does the process usual take?
Again this is dependant on the type of debt and the type of debtor, but in 2017 the average timescale from taking on the instruction to payment in full was 34 days.
Does the Creditor pay your fee?

This is sometimes possible, dependant on your terms of business. We would agree our fee and inform you once we have all the information back. The majority of cases our fee is the responsibility of the debtor.

Can I claim interest and compensation?

Yes. The Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act allows for this and we will work this out for you, in line with your terms of business and add this to your claim.

If you are successful, how quickly do I get my monies?

We remit monies on a daily basis, via Faster Payment. You will receive a report and remittance advice as soon as we receive payment from the debtor.

If the debt needs to go to court can you help us?

Yes of course. We actually work with a number of Legal Firms throughout the UK, and can utilise our relationship with them. Before any court action is taken we ensure we have your written permission and instructions to do this with any potential court fees agreed with you.

What is your success rate?

Our success rate varies from year to year but is anywhere in the region of 88%-95%, which is why many of our clients have been using us for several years now.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No, our fees are set and are on a No Win No Fee basis. We don’t have any upfront costs. The only service that is under contract is our Outsourced Credit Control Service.

How do you know if it is even worth attempting to collect?

Based on the information you provide us with your instruction, firstly we will run a thorough report on the debtor, this involves Credit Repports (LTD / PLC Company Only), social media checks, land registry checks etc. As we stateds earlier, information is power. This is often referred to as a PRE-SUE REPORT.

The Debtor made a payment as soon as we instructed you. Does the fee become due?

Yes, in this industry, speed is everything, that is why as soon as you instruct us we immediately begin the process. Unless it is proven the monies were sent BEFORE you instructed us, then our fee is due.

How often do I get a report?

We send an official report every week, however you will also be copied in on all communication with the debtor, so you will have real-time updates too.

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